07 March, 2018
Net Medical XR-EX

Net Medical X-REX

Net Medical X-REX system allows doctors to examine medical images (X-Rays CT Scans, Ultrasounds, Echocardiograms, Vascular, Stress Echos, EKGs, etc) over the Internet as high resolution DICOM digital files, “tags” them with patient information, and stores them. Cases can be diagnosed and results quickly returned, cutting the time it takes for patient care.

Prior cases for a particular patient may be accessed at the touch of a button, eliminating the cost and hassle of storing old X-Rays. Integrated within X-REX are workflow, digital imaging, metadata, virtual loupe, speech to text, dictated audio, asset management, case retrieval, case status, complete order module, alerts, and reporting technologies.

X-REX can be enhanced to scan, store, and retrieve paper documents, such as medical records, faxes, and all electronic files, making X-REX highly suitable as a PACS solution.


  • Manage in real-time the patient's case through each stage.
  • Integrated speech recognition to text translation, transcription capabilities along with fax & e-mail capabilities with automated notification & text messaging.
Net Medical Xpress™ products and services are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications and are intended for research use for other applications.
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