26 November, 2014
Net Medical Safety Pilot

Net Medical's WebRTC

Net Medical Xpress™ solutions enable face to face communication between doctor and patient by using a subset of WebRTC technology, technology built to meet the security needs of medical environments that have strict regulatory guidelines to follow.

Net Medical Xpress's WebRTC transmits no electronic protected health information. The Final Security Rule says video teleconferencing does not count as ePHI because the contained data did not exist in electronic form before the transmission, same as paper-to-paper faxes, person-to-person telephone calls, and messages left on voice mail. And no recordings are generated through any of our video teleconferencing calls. Net Medical Xpress's WebRTC technology allows our endpoint devices to act as a video phone between patient and doctor when required, which are locked down to prevent non-compliant use.


  • All patient data flows independently according to HIPAA and FDA guidelines
  • All video and audio data is encrypted using DTLS-SRTP encryption
  • User system is ‘Receiver’ only. No keyboard or mouse, no HD, CD, nothing except those approved
Net Medical Xpress™ products and services are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications and are intended for research use for other applications.
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