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-CEO Dick Govatski

16, May, 2016

Net Medical Selected to Manage Physicians Group for My On Call Doc’s Gender Care Program

16 May 2016 - Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB SYMBOL: NMXS), said today it is adding to its physician group providers to cover the newly created Gender Care program with My OnCallDoc. The company’s Huntsville staffing division is gearing up to provide specially trained physicians for transgender consults.

As part of the agreement with MyOnCallDoc, Net Medical will on-board an additional 1,200 clinicians including physicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists, that specialize in transgender care.

MyOnCallDoc, a leading international telemedicine company that connects patients with providers, is launching a 60-day pilot program serving the transgender community. MyOnCallDoc CEO Craig Zurman said, “The widely dispersed transgender community has a need for physicians that are specifically trained to manage transgender care. Our international platform is ideal for easily and effectively connecting patients with providers worldwide.”

The formal partnership agreement with the World Professional Association of Transgender Health ( provides health care to the transgender community members. The program is known as GenderCare.

World Professional Association for Transgender Health President Dr. Jamison Green commented, “We are excited to offer telemedicine to our members and partner networks, making access to care easier than ever before. Our specialized clinicians will now be able to deliver care to transgender patients in the privacy of their homes. This is a big deal for trans* people who do not have ready access to quality care.” The company plans a full U.S. domestic rollout on July 14, and an international launch on September 1, 2016.

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15, May, 2016

Net Medical Xpress Reports Q1 2016 Continued Profitability in Rapidly Changing Telemedicine Environment

15 May 2016 - Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB SYMBOL: NMXS), continued profitability in a rapidly changing telemedicine environment with 2016 first quarter revenue of $918,000 and net income of $20,000 or $0.00 per share.

CEO Dick Govatski said, “We have entered a period of significant transition away from our legacy businesses in radiology and cardiology. Excellent gains in our Specialists segment were boosted by our Access grant with the University of New Mexico as well as our ability to add new customers and new customers in our Primary Care segment.

“During the quarter we held down costs, which enabled us to record another profitable quarter. Loss of customers in our legacy Radiology and Cardiology services segments due to industry consolidations offset gains in the Neurological and Primary Care services of our Specialists Division and Staffing services. Losses in our legacy Radiological services reflected smaller customers using multiple providers to meet their budgets and larger customers running their own in-house radiological programs. New providers that have entered the cardiology market also have negatively impacted pricing.

“Looking forward, we have multiple initiatives underway, some of which we expect to announce in the second quarter. Net Medical has emerged as a full service telemedicine company with the capability to recruit, credential and support physicians in a variety of medical disciplines. We support telemedicine operations with a 24/7/365 call center while providing web based patient and doctor portals and the ability to administer and manage those programs.

“The telemedicine industry is changing rapidly. Here at Net Medical we are changing with it. We believe we are ahead of the curve in multiple telemedicine disciplines including service, software, hardware and staffing. Our business is transforming dramatically for the better as legacy segments are phased out and we enter exciting new areas that we expect to be profitable. This will be reflected in our results for the year,” Govatski said.

Net Medical Xpress's press release is avaiable as a PDF HERE. Please contact Dick Govatski, president and CEO, at 505-255-1999 or for more detail.

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