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-CEO Dick Govatski

17 January, 2015

Top Docs & The CEO

Dr. Dale Alverson shares his life experiences with cancer. He discusses the issues he's facing and what he did about it. A very interesting story on this morning's program.

08 December, 2014

Net Medical Xpress to Provide Telemedicine Physicians to AccessMD

NMXS To Provide Primary and Wellness Telemedicine Services to National Large Employer Groups

08 December 2014 - Net Medical Xpress Solutions, Inc. (OTCQB SYMBOL: NMXS), a provider of a wide range of telemedicine services, announced today that the company has been engaged by AccessMD Plus to supply physician staffing services for primary care and wellness telemedicine services.

The Net Medical Xpress network of physicians will provide telemedicine services as required for routine, non-emergency matters such as colds, flu, etc. Wellness physicians will monitor such things as ongoing weight loss programs and provide general wellness consulting to individual patients.

AccessMD Plus is Net Medical’s first client dedicated to providing wellness services to a large national employer group.

Net Medical CEO Dick Govatski said, “Our staffing arm is ideally positioned to provide qualified physicians to AccessMD Plus, which is positioned to become a leader in non-emergency individual care telemedicine services. There are enormous advantages to individuals covered in the program who will no longer have to make long trips to a physician’s office and wait in the office for a prolonged amount of time for a non-emergency routine consultation.”

Will McNeal, CEO of AccessMD Plus, said, “It is evident that the nation’s healthcare system is in trouble. It has been recently reported that overuse and unnecessary care accounts for anywhere from one-third to one-half of all health care costs, which equal hundreds of billions of dollars. There is an apparent void in the provision of healthcare as we know it. AccessMD Plus has strategically positioned itself to bridge this gap. We are excited about this growth merger and look forward to a long-term relationship with Net Medical. We feel that their telehealth staffing expertise in conjunction with our program model, will generate increased positive outcomes to our clients.”

Please contact Dick Govatski, president and CEO, at 505-255-1999 or for more detail.

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