“So far with our program, the transfer rate for hospitals in the program has dropped to 10% on average with 88% of the patients retained in the local facility, helping the finances of local hospitals.”
-CEO Dick Govatski

Net Medical Xpress Building Blocks

TeleMed Building Blocks

Our TeleMed Building Blocks are customizable to fit your specific needs. Choose what building block will work best for you and your staff, and Net Medical Xpress will adapt our proprietary software to meet your needs. This allows you to save time and gives you the tools to bring quality healthcare to your patients.

Our HIPPA-compliant technology is perfect for Urgent Care, Hospitals, Trauma Centers, Imaging Centers, Jails, Nursing Homes, Corporate Health Departments, and Outpatient Medical Facilities!

We bring quality healthcare to your patients within minutes by using our Telemed Building Blocks, a cutting-edge web-based technology that enables medical providers to make real-time assessments of their patients’ conditions and treatment needs.

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Net Medical Xpress™ products and services are FDA cleared for specific clinical applications and are intended for research use for other applications.
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